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Don’t Spend Even A Minute On

Don't Spend Even A Minute On
You’ll be lucky to find a date with a sugar baby at all on It says that as a sugar daddy you will be able to find sugar┬ábabies who are interested in getting paid to go on dates with rich men. The site claims that they have helped hundreds of thousands of men and women go on dates, BUT in my experience, this simply CAN’T be true at all. I was attracted to because I don’t mind paying to go on dates with young beautiful women if I DO actually get to go on these dates. As an older guy who isn’t usually able to get beautiful women to date me, this just seemed like something that would work out well for me. Unfortunately, that is not the case at all here. I’m still kicking myself because if I know what I was buying into what WHATSYOURPRICE.COM was selling, I would have known better and gone with a reputable dating site when I decided to try online dating for the first time. What To Expect

At first, I thought I’d sign up for the free membership so that I could look around to see if the site would be worth me paying for a membership. I really liked what I saw, so I figured, why not pay for a membership so that I could have full access to the entire site? But in just a few minutes, I discovered tons of FAKE profiles and sugar babies who were only looking for a quick cash grab rather than actually becoming my companion. The ladies here just aren’t genuine at all, they are money hungry women who want nothing more than to use me for my fortune. The best part (insert sarcasm here) was that there also seemed to be a huge amount of women who were clearly escorts! Come on, if I wanted to hire an escort, I would, but that’s not what I was looking for by joining Take a look my terrible results after using the site for just 3 months.

  • I sent 174 messages
  • I received 11 responses
  • I made 4 dates
  • I had 1 hookup

Negative Features Of

TOO HARD TO FIND A REAL SUGAR BABY I’m an older, wealthy man who is okay looking, who is looking for a sugar baby (or two) to take care of, have a good time with and possibly have a relationship with. To say it was difficult to find a sugar baby who was LEGIT was an understatement, to say the least. I thought that I’d have sugar babies knocking down my door because I am VERY, VERY rich and willing to spoil a sugar baby like she deserves, but that wasn’t the case at all.

MEETING A MATCH, DOES NOT MAKE A MATCH I quickly learned that just because found a few matches that turned out to be real life sugar babies, that does not make them a good match for me. Once we started chatting back and forth, it was easy to see that several of my ‘matches’ were not suited to me at all.

SO MANY LIES I learned something new about myself when I joined WHATSYOURPRICE.COM and that’s that I am far too naive. Many of the sugar babies either did not have pictures on their profiles or the pictures that they did have were not of themselves at all.

Is It Worth It?

Completely not worth it at all. Please, please, please I want to save other sugar daddies like myself from the torture and defeat that I felt during my time on Don’t make the mistake I did with this one. Instead, use a sugar daddy / sugar baby dating site that will actually give you what you want. First, have a look at a few reviews that will be helpful on: Sugar Daddy Dating Guide. I was so disappointed that I canceled my membership before the 3 months (that I had already paid for) was up and removed my profile, so that I could actually spend my time on a site that would give me what I want.