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This site was made for rich older men and sugar babies to connect and does it ever deliver! You get exactly what it is that you want with You get the best sugar baby matches and have immediate success! I have a good life and have worked very hard for what I have but I wanted to find someone that I could share my successes with, so I turned to sugar baby dating. Why would I date a woman my own age? Far too often these women are negative, angry or just have too much baggage for me, so I decided to give sugar baby dating a shot. Sugar babies are ALWAYS grateful for being treated well, and they are more than willing to show their gratitude to you in a very naughty way. My 3-month trial is nearing an end and I will definitely be renewing my paid membership so that I can continue to meet some more of the amazing women that I have met here on It is clear to me that the site is well maintained and that makes it more inviting and easy to use which has been a huge plus for me. It has made my life easier when it comes to finding a sugar baby that I’m interested in because I can find women
that are a perfect match for me far more easily.

First Impressions Of

1. I found instant connections with a few sugar babies right for the start. Within minutes of my profile being published, I had 2 sugar babies message me right away to see if we could make a connection.

2. The sugar babies on the site are not immature brats who are looking for someone to replace their allowance from daddy. These women are smart, beautiful, intelligent, know how to have a real conversation and know what it’s like to work hard for what you want. Bottom line here is that sugar babies aren’t into playing games, which is a HUGE turn on!

3. Creating an individual profile that is unique to who you are and what you’re about is easy with It only
took me a few minutes to create my custom profile and it was literally the push of a button to make it viewable to all sugar babies on the site.

4. Dating younger women is new to me and I was completely unsure what I should expect but I decided that I didn’t have anything to lose and I was looking to change up my old routine. has made sugar baby dating the best decision that I have EVER made!

I am very well off and considering I was skeptical and yet decided that it was time for me to try online dating, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with just how well it has been going. The site is easy to use, the women are young, sexy, available and attractive as hell and there are tons of them to choose from. At the start, I was leery of trying online dating because dating, in general, can be so daunting but I wanted to give WEALTHYMEN.COM a real shot and am I ever glad that I did. There are thousands of the sexiest sugar babies who are currently searching for older men to date seriously who will take care of them in exchange for companionship and intimacy. And you will be shocked how easy it is to find women of every economic background, race, religion, geographic location, etc. All of the sugar babies on are eager to meet you, let you take them out on a date, and shower them with gifts, money and exotic trips of a lifetime. Sure when you date a sugar baby, you may enter into an agreement that you will need to pay for some or all of her bills, give her a spending allowance or take her on trips, but you will have the best dating experience of your life with and the site will become your go to, to find sugar babies that are date worthy.

My Results After Using For 3 Months:

  • Sent 45 messages
  • Received 41 responses
  • 175 Messages Received from Sugar Babies
  • 25 Dates
  • 7 Hookups
  • 1 Serious Dating Experience

These are some pretty great results and as a single wealthy man, I couldn’t be more happy than I have been these past few months since I have found It really is the only dating site on the web that is worth a second, third and fourth look. I can’t believe just how many date I was able to go on and I easily could have gone on more, but I would have needed more hours in a day or days in a month to actually, make this happen. If I’m being completely honest, I have no clue how I even found as much time as I did to go on the dates that I did go on, but I was having so much fun, that I made the time to make it work. Being a sugar daddy and spending money on a sugar baby is exciting and makes me very happy. I have more than enough money for myself, it’s nice to be able to help someone out financially and reap all the benefits of that as well.

What Worked For Me On

What Worked For Me On
Don’t be shy. Send messages to sugar babies that you are interested in. If the sugar baby responds that she’s interested, be honest from the start and tell her what it is that you’re looking for so that she can decide if she is interested in the arrangement that you have in mind. I am completely open to a longer-term relationship with a sugar baby, but it must be real and honest from day 1 or it isn’t going to work out at all.

Features Of

Features Of
1. Ease of Use. is easy to use on an device that you choose. The mobile app is the best ones out there for online dating all around and will make connecting with a sugar baby that you’re interested in so easy that you will wonder why you didn’t sign up sooner. I was kicking myself once I got started for not trying it out long ago once I realized what I’ve been missing out on.

2. Well Built Site. The entire site is so well laid out, easy to navigate and you’re able to find sugar babies that even someone like me (who is not tech savvy at all) is very capable of finding ladies who are a perfect match for me. It was VERY clear to me that the programmers of the site know what they are doing, that they work hard and strive to make the site easy for everyone who signs up to be successful.

3. Status updates. Every member of WEALTHYMEN.COM must update their status on a regular basis. This was really helpful to see who was and wasn’t an active member. I really liked this feature because then I wasn’t wasting time pursuing a sugar baby who I wouldn’t hear back from, rather I just didn’t message women who weren’t updating their status on a regular basis. Really appreciative of this since my time is VERY valuable and I have very little spare time to be wasting it away.

4. Highlight Common Interests. I really liked that when I clicked on a sugar babies profile our common interested were immediately highlighted. This was great because I could see instantly if we had enough in common to make a good match. If there were enough similarities then I would send the sugar baby a quick message and if there wasn’t enough that interested me I could move on to the next
lucky lady.

5. Easily Update User Information. You can easily change and update your user information whenever you want. I used this feature a lot when I first joined, as I got more comfortable with the site and what it was that I was looking for. This became a valuable tool so that the matches that I got were tailored more to what it was that I wanted to find in a sugar baby and it the changes were instant too!

6. Group Chats. This is a really easy way to mix and mingle from the privacy of your own home. Enter a chat room filled with other members and chat with several different sugar babies at the same time. A great tool with a more personal feel than sending a message to a sugar baby who you’ve never chatted with before. Chat rooms made it so that I didn’t feel like I was ‘cold calling’ ladies by sending a message to them out of the blue.

7. Organized and Up-To-Date Personalized Members Section. All of your communication, whether it be a wink or a quick message are all stored in the same location. This helped me to keep track of who I had sent messages to and which sugar babies I had received messages from. I received so many messages from sugar babies who wanted to date me and I wanted to make sure that even if I didn’t have time to date them all, that I at least responded to all the messages. There’s nothing worse than putting yourself out there to someone and never hearing back so I really wanted to be sure to stay on top of all of the messages that I did receive. Having a very clear section that had all of my interactions in one place made this far easier to do.

8. Featured on the Top of Search Results. Paying for the upgraded GOLD membership was key in my opinion. When you upgrade to this membership your profile is always featured at the top of sugar babies search results if you are a match to them. This increases the number of messages that you receive from potential sugar babies and therefore increases your chances of finding the best match for you! Completely the best way to get yourself out there and noticed. Worth every penny!

9. 3 Month Guarantee. With an upgraded membership, you will receive a 3-month guarantee from WEALTHYMEN.COM or you will get your money back. But to be honest, I can’t see why anyone would need to use this. If you can’t find someone (or several someones) that are right for you and give you what it is that you’re hoping to get out of your dating experience then you’re doing something wrong and need to take a look at what it is that you need to change. It was great that the site would stand behind their belief in success, though, doing something like easily made me believe that I would be successful!

10. Top of the Line Support. There is always support available to you when and if you need it 24/7 whether you are a sugar baby or a sugar daddy. Get support for resetting your password, membership cancellations, and renewals and for any problems you may be having while suing the site (not that I ever encountered any). You can simply contact the staffers through email or give them a call at their 800 number if you are a resident of the US. It is quite an easy process to cancel your membership, which I learned first hand when I decided to cancel my membership because I started dating one of the sugar babies that I had met on a much more serious level.

Tips For Using

Let me be completely honest with you here. is all about finding sugar babies. The site is not for finding someone who is in the same financial bracket as you by any means. All of the women that are on the site are looking for a rich older man to take care of them financially in some way. If this isn’t what you’re looking for, then this isn’t the site for you, but let me tell you if you’ve decided that sugar daddy dating is for you, this is definitely your one stop shop! You will simply find someone to fill that void that you’ve been feeling in no time at all.

What I Didn’t Like About

The only thing that I didn’t really like about was that to really get noticed, I had to pay for the upgraded membership. I think that the reason that I didn’t like it was that I thought my entire experience was going to be free. What I had to realize is that the site needs to make money to be able to maintain it and keep it up to date, that means paying employees who are clearly constantly working to make the site the best that it can be. Once I sat back a realized that they needed to make money to make the site better I was completely okay with spending the money to find a sugar baby that was right for me and really what’s a little bit of money spent to make sure that I met sugar babies who were as stunningly beautiful and a great match for me.


Deciding to exclusively date sugar babies is a big step. You need to understand from the start that the women that you are going to find on are all looking for some sort of financial compensation in return for them dating you. If you think that you will find a sugar baby who is not looking to get something out of the relationship financially, you will be very mistaken. There is nothing wrong with this sort of arrangement and it is becoming more and more common by the day. It works well for both parties involved, but you must discuss each other’s expectations from the start. I’ve had the time of my life on and I am very grateful that I found the site when I set out to start sugar baby dating. The past 3 months have just flown by and I can’t believe how lucky I have been to find the amazing women that I have met using the site. Some of the women I will remain friendly with for quite some time but at the moment I have met one sugar baby who gives me EVERYTHING that I could have ever asked for and my thanks go out to for helping us to find each other.