Sign in / Join Review Review: Why Sugar Babies Make Life Sweeter Review: Why Sugar Babies Make Life Sweeter is where sugar babies make life sweeter. It’s never been easier for rich, successful sugar daddies to meet attractive young women to date. It’s refreshing to have finally found a site that works to make the best matches possible for me. is easy to join, create a profile and it’s fun to use! You quickly see while you are creating your profile that the questions that you are asked are perfect to help you find exactly what it is that you are looking for in a sugar baby. It is definitely my top pick for a sugar daddy / sugar baby dating site. It is the leading sugar daddy dating site and has more than 5 million members who are all looking for mutually beneficial relationships on terms that are agreed to by both the sugar daddy and the sugar baby. Since the site began the staffers and developers have been working endlessly to connect like-minded rich men and beautiful young women to have the lifestyle that both parties desire.

First Impressions Of

1. When deciding which sugar daddy dating site would be a good fit for me, a big plus was that there were so many more sugar babies than sugar daddies using the site. I quickly realized that this meant that I would have a greater chance of finding a sugar baby. The ratio of sugar daddies to sugar babies is about 1:5, which are great stats in my books! Best of all was that the sugar babies that I was interested in and messaged were all REAL rather than a bunch of fake profiles.

2. The sugar babies are eager to meet a sugar daddy like me who is ready, willing and very able to take care of them completely.

3. The sugar babies on the site were more than willing to make the first contact. Once I had my profile approved by staff I began receiving messages from hot young women immediately!

4. Sugar babies appreciate that I like to take care of myself and that I’m still completely into looking good, working out and spending my money on high-quality clothes.

5. Sugar daddy Forums. It was great to be able to use the forum to see what other sugar daddies and sugar babies were talking about or what questions they had. This was also where I found a lot of good advice about dating sugar babies, what works and doesn’t work and what to expect.

I am a rich older man who is sick and tired of dating women my age. They all seem to have too much baggage, and aren’t worth my time. I can’t stand all the negativity that seems to come with dating women my own age and then to boot, as soon as they find out how much money I have they turn into gold diggers. Deciding to date younger women seemed like a good decision. I was able to spoil and spend money on sugar babies and not have to worry about them having a lot of baggage to go along with the date. It meant that they were into me and weren’t distracted by other things that might be in their lives like kids. Don’t get me wrong, I like kids, I have two of my own, but I don’t want to date women who are always worried and distracted by their kids and their schedules or my exes who have the kids for the weekend. I don’t want a woman who has to live by anyone else’s schedule but their own. I love that this is a clear arrangement from the start and that we don’t have to beat around the bush about what it is that we are both looking for.

My Results After Using For 3 Months:

  • Sent 121 messages
  • Received 112 responses
  • 97 Messages Received
  • 24 Dates
  • 4 Hookups
  • 1 Serious Sugar Baby Relationship

Just have a look at these results! They prove that SUGARDADDYMEET.COM works! I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to meet so many great women in such a short 3 months. Sure, I could have gone on more dates, but I would have had to find more hours in a day! 24 dates in such a short time is quite a lot considering that I typically work anywhere between 60 and 70 hours a week plus for two of those weeks I was away for business and did not date a single sugar baby while I was away since I literally was working 18 hour days.

What Worked For Me On

What Worked For Me On
1. MAKING CONNECTIONS I found that finding things in common with potential sugar babies was a MUST to make anything work with one. Having something in common and being able to share that with your sugar baby really helped to set the tone and break the ice. I found that if I made a personal connection with a sugar baby then we always went out on a date. If there was no connection then we usually didn’t get much farther than an initial email.

2. SENDING MORE PICTURES I know that a physical connection is important and that if there isn’t one right from the start a relationship is not going to last. It may sound petty but you really do have to be attracted to one another first before you can make anything else work. After a few email exchanges, I like to suggest that we both send a couple of pictures of ourselves so that we could both be sure that we were who we claimed to be and also that the sugar baby that I was chatting with was REAL!

3. 100% HONESTY The best thing I did was be honest about who I was and what it was that I wanted from any sugar baby that I was going to date. I made sure to tell any potential sugar babies what it was the I excepted in return for being spoiled and treated like a queen when she was with me.

Features Of

1. Create your own blogs and post on other profiles and blogs. It refreshing to see that I could create a blog and give other sugar daddies tips about sugar baby dating via a blog that I can write and post on the site. It’s also great that you can post to other members profiles, endorsing the sugar baby for other sugar daddies to see.

2. Full access to Android and iOS app. has the best dating app that lets you have complete access to all of the features that you can access via the desktop website. You often don’t get to have this option, as many of the features in an app are not available or just don’t work. It’s great that I don’t have to get out my laptop just to use one feature of the site that I particularly like using.

3. Set privacy setting as you see fit. You have the ability with to set your privacy settings how you want them. You can make yourself as visible as possible or limit who gets to see your profile. If there are members using the site that you do not want to see you, whether it be because you know them personally and don’t want them to know you are using the site or if it’s because you want to stop them from sending you messages, it’s completely your call. The most reassuring part my experience was when I decided to end my membership, I asked for my profile to become inactive and be removed and it actually was! Far too often you find members on there dating sites, who no longer use the site still have their profiles up for current members to see, this doesn’t happen with

4. Save your search criteria. This is a great feature that I’ve used a lot. My time is quite valuable and I don’t have much spare time to waste searching for a sugar baby that is right for me. I really liked that I was able to always pick up where I left off and I didn’t have to start over looking for a perfect match for myself.

5. Checklists. When you first start the process of sign up on SUGARDADDYMEET.COM you are first taken to a checklist to start to fill out your profile it makes it fast and simple to get going and being able to use the site to find a sugar baby or two that are a good match for you.

6. Search for sugar babies according to what they are looking to receive from a sugar daddy. With you can easily search for a sugar baby based on what it is that she is looking to get out of the relationship. This is a great feature because you can decide if you are willing to give a sugar baby what it is that she is hoping to get out of your relationship before you even make contact. This works well for example if you want to date a sugar baby who is looking to travel, simply apply that criteria to your search and only the ladies who are willing to travel with a sugar daddy will show up in your results.

7. Smart matches. You will receive smart matches picked for you using the sites sophisticated algorithms each week. These matches are typically rated with a VERY high compatibility of 95% or higher according to what you have completed in your own profile.

8. Attend In Person Events. This was a perfect opportunity to basically go out for the night and ‘speed date’ a ton of sugar babies at once. I really enjoyed these events because it saved me so much time looking for sugar baby matches. The events were always held in a very casual atmosphere and allowed me to set up second dates with several beautiful women who I was interested in .

9. Access to SugarDaddyMeet success stories and user testimonials. It was very reassuring that there are so many success stories and other users who were satisfied with their results using Being able to read other stories from members who are satisfied with their results helped me to decide to really put all of my efforts into finding the best sugar babies on the site for me.

10. Send Gifts and Birthday Cards. It’s always nice to receive a gift, BUT it’s also great to send gifts to sugar babies that you are interested in. This added feature is great and definitely gives you a step up on any other sugar daddies who may be pursuing a sugar baby that you are also interested in . You are even able to send birthday cards when a sugar baby has a birthday.

Bonus: 11. Top Notch Customer Service. offers the best customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It has been great knowing that there is always someone there to help me when I have questions or concerns. I really liked that when I had a problem with my account I was able to get help right away. My account was locked out because I forgot my password and I couldn’t remember my security questions. So I called customer support, verified who I was to a real human being and was back up and running in just minutes!

Tips For Using

Tips For Using
Don’t try to be someone that you’re not. The best thing that you can do is be yourself, online dating is hard enough, so why try to be someone that you aren’t. There are more than enough sugar babies (approximately 5 sugar babies to every sugar daddy) to make it so that you will easily find tons of beautiful young women who are into you for you. So be REAL and don’t pretend to want something that you don’t or have interests that you don’t have.

Pay for everything. Sugar daddy dating isn’t the place to go splits on any date. As the sugar daddy, it is an unwritten rule that you will pay for the entire date. This is an ABSOLUTE must! If you can’t pay for all of the dates that you go on with a sugar baby, you aren’t going to be successful snagging one that is perfect for you.

Make sure to meet online first in a private chat. This will save you a lot of time. It’s far easier to say that you are not interested in a potential sugar baby match when you meet online first. This way you don’t have to waste your time out on a date that isn’t going anywhere.

Don’t text your sugar baby until at least the third date. Instead, only contact her via the first few times. This will protect you and your privacy far more and will help to keep the crazy clingers from messaging you when you’ve already gone out on a date and decided that she’s not right for you.

What I Didn’t Like About

There really isn’t a lot about the site that I didn’t completely enjoy. If I had to pick something that I didn’t like, it would be that all of the features that you can only access with a paid membership. I was disappointed that I could not send private messages to several sugar babies because I was under the impression that was completely free. When I realized that this was not the case and I would have to pay for a membership to have added features such as the email feature, I paid for the upgrade immediately and I have no regrets! I would have paid double without thinking about it twice to have the success that I have had!

Final Thoughts: is by far the best online dating site for sugar daddies who are looking for beautiful young sugar babies to flaunt on their arm and spoil rotten! You will find the best possible matches in sugar babies that are either looking for something casual or even a long-term relationship. The site doesn’t beat around the bush with what it offers, it is clear right from the start and you will get exactly what it is that you are looking for.