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do-not-join-seekingarrangement Review A Lousy Dating Site For Sugar Daddies A Lousy Dating Site For Sugar Daddies says that it is an online dating site for sugar daddies to find sugar babies, when it’s actually such a crummy site full of deception. I never even met a single sugar baby who was truthful at all! I wanted to find sugar babies online to date and found and decided to join and create a profile immediately to get back into the dating game after a long break, because I had been traveling a lot for work. I was more than happy to find a sugar baby and make a financial arrangement in turn for some companionship, friendship, and intimacy. For me, it seemed as though I was in a place in my life where sugar baby dating was the best choice. I wanted to go all in right from the start, so I paid to upgrade my membership to a premium one so that I was privy to all of the advantages that come with it. Well, it’s too bad, but I just didn’t get what I thought I was going to out of the entire experience.

What To Expect

The reason I chose as my go to sugar baby dating site was because I wanted to find someone right away. I figured that I might as well help a girl in need of money to help her out financially, rather than some young bimbo off the street. This way it was clear right from the start on both of our parts what to expect out of our relationship. I stuck with it for the full 3 months that I paid for initially, but it was painful at times. Have a look at my results to see why exactly I thought I could have joined a far better site.

  • I sent 197 messages
  • I received 12 responses
  • I got 13 messages from sugar babies looking for me
  • I went on 5 dates
  • I had 1 hookup

This site is just packed with women who feed you a ton of BS lines and then never follow through on the promises that they make. If you ask me it shouldn’t only be the sugar daddies who have to verify that they are who they say they are, it should be for sugar babies too. So many of the women here are not really who they claim to be, but there is no recourse for them like there is for fake sugar daddies. Even after having reported that a specific woman wasn’t who she said claimed to be, her profile still remains active today!

Negative Features Of

LACK OF PRIVACY When I joined SEEKINGARRANGEMENT, I did my research and the site promised that my profile would remain private and that only those that I chose to see my profile would see my profile, but that was not the case at all. I was completely embarrassed when of my co-workers came up to me at work and said that he saw me on the site. I like to keep my private life private and that just wasn’t the case with

NOT ENOUGH RESPONSES I sent SO many messages to potential sugar babies that I really should have had a ton of dates, but again another disappointment when I actually received so few responses. How is this even possible? If the is a LEGIT site, I definitely should have received more responses than the 12 whopping 12 that I got!

Is It Worth It? is not a site that works to find a sugar baby to date. It’s clear that the site is filled with FAKE users to get rich sugar daddies to sign up and spend their money on the membership fees. There’s almost no chance that you will find a sugar baby that is worthy of you here. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to save your money and do your research first. Have a look at these tips with online dating reviews at Sugar Daddy Dating Guide, where you will learn exactly what makes up a good sugar daddy dating site.