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secretbenefits-do-not-join Review A Dreadful Dating Site A Dreadful Dating Site
Simply put is a dreadful dating site for rich older men who are seeking beautiful young sugar babies. Joining is completely pointless. The entire site is full of misrepresentation and lies and does not give you what it says it will. Taking the time to write this review has stirred up just how angry I really am about my entire experience. I don’t want any other sugar daddies to endure what I have had to while being a member of, so that’s why I’m sharing my experience here. Now, if you’re looking for a sugar baby who you will only be able to connect with via the site, then this is the site for you. The young ladies that I’ve met here are not what they seem to be. They are either not real or legit profiles or they are looking for a man who is going to sweep them off their feet, marry them and take care of them for the rest of their lives.

What To Expect

I wanted to get the best matches possible to find the perfect sugar baby for me, so it took me a bit of time to complete my profile when I first joined, but I figured that it would pay off for me in the end. I also decided to pay for a full membership right from the start. Here are my results with my PAID membership after just 3 months on

  • 141 messages sent
  • 23 responses
  • 165 messages received (a lot of these were spam)
  • 6 dates
  • 0 hookups

These results are not great at all, if you ask me! I was very disappointed by the amount of spam emails that I received and the large number of FAKE profiles that I encountered during the time I was a member of These results are pretty bleak really when you see how few dates I actually went on. I never even had the chance to hook up with a single sugar baby that I met for those dates, because they were just a bunch of money hungry women looking to make some fast cash.

Negative Features Of

AUTOMATIC RENEWAL I was VERY disappointed that automatically renewed my membership with no notice as I wanted to cancel. When I contacted the staffers, they were of no help to me whatsoever. I have been left extremely frustrated and I was on the hook for another 3 months, which is the LAST thing that I wanted.

DOES NOT CATER TO SUGAR DADDIES LIKE IT PROMISES SECRETBENEFITS.COM is a site that ONLY truly works for sugar babies. Although the site says that it is a dating site for sugar daddies to meet sugar babies, it’s more like a site that does whatever it can for a sugar baby.

SUGAR BABIES WHO ARE NOT VERIFIED There are tons of sugar babies on the site who are not real at all. does not do a thing to check that the young women that sign up for the site are REAL. When you start using the site, there are so many women who are not real with fake profiles that a lot of time is wasted sifting through all of the profiles to actually find women to date that are legit.

Is It Worth It? is not worth it at all! This is probably the worst dating site that I’ve come across. It doesn’t match you up with your perfect sugar baby ever! Don’t expose yourself to the HUGE disappointment that you will find here, and please DO NOT sign up for Before you waste any more of your time, have a look at reviews of dating websites that will help you make the right choices at Sugar Daddy Dating Guide. After my first 3 months of paid membership, I decided not to use any longer and when the renewal time came up again, I made sure that I got my cancellation in before the automatic renewal happened to me again and then I deleted my profile from the site too.