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Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 10.32.25 AM Review A Dating Site For Millionaires That Doesn’t Work A Dating Site For Millionaires That Doesn't Work is the worst dating site for millionaires to find sugar babies to date! It’s shocking that any matches have ever been made, it’s that bad. I am a good looking older man who has a lot of money, but no time to have a serious relationship right now. I like dating younger women and have money to spare, so I thought that would be a great place to meet sugar babies to spend some time with, shower with gifts and maybe have an intimate relationship with. I couldn’t have made a bigger mistake choosing! The site is a complete farce! The site claims that they are more sugar babies than sugar daddies using the site, but I actually found it VERY difficult to find any REAL sugar babies on the site. What’s worse is the women that I did find were clearly just looking for a fast way to make some cash and had no interest in fulfilling their side of the arrangement.

What To Expect

At first when I found, I was hopeful that I would find some beautiful young ladies who I could spoil rotten and who I could have an amazing time with. I thought that I could find someone to be my travel partner, someone to date casually and someone who I might potentially build a relationship with. I decided that sugar baby dating was the way for me to find women who were serious about dating older men like myself and I liked the idea of a mutual agreement too. Long story short, I signed up and even upgraded to a paid membership, so that I could get the most out of my time spent on Well, let me tell you this, I had the worst online dating experience I could have imagined. In the end, I felt like I had thrown my money away on a membership and barely met a single gal who was worth me or my money.

Here’s how my three-month membership worked out for me:

  • 134 messages sent
  • 31 responses
  • 87 messages received
  • 5 dates
  • 1 hookup

Most of the responses and the unsolicited messages that I received were clearly FAKE, and it was obvious that many of them were from the same person or group of people, as the only thing different in the responses was the name of the sugar baby herself. It’s clear that ONLUXY.COM employs people to sit and answer messages from sugar daddies pretending to be sugar babies who are interested in them, such a disappointment.

Negative Features Of

THE WORST SUPPORT Trying to get any customer support on is fruitless. Don’t expect to have any help from the site at all. Basically, you’re on your own when you sign up and create your account.

NOT ESTABLISHED ENOUGH Although the site boast that they are well established and have tons of members on the site, after using it myself, it’s clear that there really aren’t as many sugar babies as I was lead to believe.

THE VOUCH FUNCTION Similar to the Tinder swipe, but instead it’s used to allow current members to vote new ones in and out. The site promises that you’ll get more matches when the members that you vote for are approved. They lied.

Is It Worth It?

To be honest, after using, I was completely turned off of sugar baby dating for quite some time. I set out to use the site to find sugar babies who were looking for someone like myself to take care of them and I definitely didn’t get what I thought I was going to. I should have done some more research first before I signed up for ONLUXY.COM. I wish that I would have checked this out first before I had made any decisions about which sugar daddy / sugar baby dating site to use.