Sign in / Join Review Review: The Sugar Baby Dating Site Worth Checking Out Review: The Sugar Baby Dating Site Worth Checking Out is the No.#1 sugar baby dating site today to find stunning young women who are searching for rich millionaire sugar daddies to date. This is the only site where you will find REAL, LEGIT sugar babies who want a rich sugar daddy to completely take care of them. has top notch features that make it the no.#1 dating site. It’s extremely easy to join, sign up and create a profile, far easier than any other sugar baby / sugar daddy dating site out there. All you need to do is spend a few minutes to set up your account and quickly answer some questions and then before you know it, you will be meeting the hottest sugar babies imaginable.

My Impressions Of

1. All of the sugar babies that are using the site are the best ones out there! They are REAL and completely LEGIT! Each sugar baby has been verified that they are who they say they are, and that they are using real and current pictures of themselves before their profiles can become active on the site.

2. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a cell phone, a tablet, a laptop or a desktop computer, all of these work exactly the same and allow you to meet sugar babies that are right for you. Everything that you’re able to do on a laptop, you can do with your cell phone. Talk about making it super easy to meet a sugar baby, no matter where you are and not matter what time of day it is!

3. Instant messenger makes it so that you can have immediate contact with a sugar baby that you find on This means you don’t have to wait around hoping to get an immediate response with email. Instead, you can send an instant message have connected right away with a potential match within minutes of finding her.

4. Very classy and well-run site. Right from the start, it was clear to me that this site was far above the average sugar baby / sugar daddy dating sites. The site is very well put together and it has an overall elegant feel to it. It was clear right away that this wasn’t a site full of con artists or fakes and that the sugar babies that I would find here were going to be far from sleazy or ‘escort like’. The sugar babies are all serious about finding a rich older man to date and would bring a level of sophistication to the entire experience.

As a VERY successful man who has no time for game playing and only a small amount of time for dating, I found that looking for women at a bar or club just wasn’t working for me and I was tired of meeting ‘that’ type of woman. That’s when I stumbled upon MILLIONAIREMATCH.COM. I wasn’t sure about online dating when I first signed up on the site, but I decided that with my extremely busy lifestyle, this was probably the best way to find beautiful younger women to date. It has been the absolute BEST 3 months of my life! It’s been great to be able to meet women who are looking for the same things as I am and it’s clear that the women that I have met have appreciated my complete honesty from day one. There’s no reason to look at any of the other sugar baby dating sites, you will quickly see that for yourself when you sign up for It is the best site out there and has everything that you could want in a dating site. Plus, the added bonus is that it really is as simple as tying your shoe to sign up and create your own account.

My Results After For 3 Months:

  • Sent 101 Messages
  • Received 95 Responses
  • 65 Messages Received From Sugar Babies First
  • 17 Dates
  • 7 Hookups

These are clearly some amazing results! I quickly learned that if I had even a spare minute it would be best used on to search for sugar babies that were looking to meet a sugar daddy. I am absolutely stunned at how well I did during my 3 month trial period. I really have loved every minute of being a member of and have zero regrets, well maybe except for the fact that I wish I would have taken the chance and signed up sooner! Sure I could have gone on even more dates, (since I had so many sexy young women who were interested in dating me) but honestly I don’t know how I would have been able to fit any more in! I literally spent every spare minute that I had going on dates with sugar babies that I met on It’s clear to me why this is the top sugar baby/sugar daddy dating site out there on the internet, it truly is THE site that delivers.

What Worked For Me On

1. I Went After What I Wanted Every Time. Even when I thought that I wasn’t going to have a chance with a sugar baby, I gave it a shot. I learned quickly that there was no woman on the site that was out of my reach or too good for me.

2. A Straightforward Site That Was User-Friendly. I’m not the fastest when it comes to using computers and sometimes don’t quite understand what I need to do to make them work for me, but with MILLIONAIREMATCH.COM I NEVER once felt like I was in over my head. The entire site is easy to use and navigate around. It was easy for me to search for and find a sugar baby who was a perfect match for me. It was also really easy to use all of the features of the site, sending messages, winks, narrowing down my search, finding the advice columns, chatting with sugar babies in chatrooms, uploading pictures and having live webcam chats. It was such a relief that I could easily do whatever it was that I wanted to on millionairematch and if I did have any problems or questions there was always someone who could help me right away or answer my questions immediately.

Features Of

Features Of
1. No Advertising: It was great to be able to go to and not be bombarded with a crap load of advertisements every time I logged on. I get that dating sites need to make money to be able to be on the web but do they really need to sell every spare spot on their web page to advertisement? With paid members like myself paying for the site to run smoothly, it’s clear that the staffers at care about your experience while using the site and don’t want to piss you off by overloading you with advertisements.

2. Well Established: has built a extremely good reputation over the years and has a large membership base. I’m sure that being around for 15 plus years has helped them to iron out all the kinks that come with making a sugar baby / sugar daddy dating site work and it’s clear that they have done just that since there are almost 3 million active members on the site today.

3. Seamlessly Run Mobile App: The MILLIONAIREMATCH.COM mobile app is just as easy to use as it is to use the site on your laptop or desktop computer. It was super easy to send instant messages to sugar babies that I was interested in. The app was intuitive. It always seemed to know what I was going to do next and helped me to do exactly that. I definitely met more of the sugar babies that I went out on dates with using my cell phone than any other method that was at my disposal. It was just far more convenient since I always have my phone with me I could look for a sugar baby no matter where I was or what I was doing.

4. Advice Columns And Blogs Are Made For Millionaires: All of the advice columns and blogs that I found throughout the site were made for VERY busy professionals like myself. I really liked the ‘Tips and Tricks’ sections so that sugar daddies always know what to expect. Getting a few valuable tips along the way sure has helped a great deal as well since I was new to this whole thing.

5. Facebook Sign In: There’s nothing easier than being able to sign into your account using your facebook account settings. This is great because when you are using your cell phone you can stay signed in all the time and then you’ll never miss any new messages, plus you’ll receive a notification that you have this new message immediately.

6. You’re In Control Of Your Profile: With, you are completely in control of who sees (and doesn’t see) your profile at any given time. This is great because then you can be sure that no one you know, like someone from the office, sees that you are using the site to find sexy young women to date. It’s also great because you can limit past sugar babies from seeing your profile in case you don’t want them to contact you anymore because things didn’t work out and are now over.

7. Advanced Search Option: This is where you can narrow down your searches to exactly what you are looking for using the advanced search option. You can search for sugar babies based on their distance from you, photo, height and size preference or any other part of a profile that matters to you in a match.

8. Public Comments On Your Profile: Any member is able to post a comment on your profile. This allows everyone to see what other members think of you and have to say about you. As the member looking for a sugar baby, this is a nice feature to see what others have to say about the beautiful lady that may become something more to me.

9. High-Quality Members: Because all members, both sugar babies and sugar daddies, are verified before they can have an active profile on, all the site does not have are slimy, fakes who are on the site to troll. The members of are the cream of the crop by far, which helps to ensure even more successes. All members are quality men and women who are seeking either casual dating or a relationship and there are more than enough of those that are looking for the same thing as yourself who are worthy of dating you.

10. Busy Site: With such a great reputation MILLIONAIREMATCH.COM always have a lot of members online no matter what time of day it is. An added bonus is that it is such an easy site to navigate there is always a ton of daily traffic on the site, no matter what day of the week it is. This makes it easy to get noticed and be seen on any given day.

Tips For Using

Learn how to spot social cues in online dating. This will help you to know when to continue pursuing a sugar baby and when to cut your losses and move on to the next lady that’s waiting to meet you. It will also help to save you a lot of time. You won’t waste your time with a sugar baby who has no interest in building a relationship with but isn’t honest enough to say that to you right from the start.

Don’t dwell on the past, focus on the future and what lays ahead for you. Don’t bother telling a sugar baby about all the terrible dating experiences that you’ve had in the past and definitely, don’t talk about failed relationships and exes. These things might be something that you talk about eventually, but this is not information that you want to share at the start of a new relationship as it will not set a good tone for your own relationship.

Be honest and make sure that you lay all your cards out on the table right from the start. Tell a potential sugar baby EXACTLY what you are expecting to get out of the relationship and what it is that you are willing to give back to the relationship in return. Never give in to a sugar baby if it’s not something that you are completely okay with. Don’t compromise who you are or what you stand for just to have a date with a sugar baby.

What I Didn’t Like About

There are so many positives and wonderful features on that it is really hard to come up with anything that wasn’t great about the site at all. If I had to choose something that I was disappointed by, I would have to say that I really wished that there would have been more opportunities to use the live webcam chat feature. Unfortunately, there were several days that it was not available to be used because it was being upgraded by the site programmers. This was disappointing as I like to use the webcam chat feature to make sure that a sugar baby is who she says she is, right from the start. Plus it’s a great way to see if you have chemistry with the sugar babies that you meet on

Final Thoughts:

My best advice to make sure that you get the most out of your time with is that you need to actually put in some effort. Both to your building the best profile possible and to being online to find a sugar baby (or babies) that are perfect for you. It’s like anything else in life, the more time and effort that you put into some the better your results will be. Finding the best sugar baby (or several of them) will take some work but will be worth it completely in the end when you are dating young beautiful women who you have so much in common with. I have loved every minute of my time on and have had some of the best dates in my life with some amazing women who I would never have met had I not joined the site.