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on-luxy-scam Review

Don’t Bother With

Don't Bother With promises that it is the BEST sugar baby dating site for sugar daddies to find sexy affairs, but that’s not what you will find there at all. This is just the worst FAKE dating site out there for sugar daddies today. Sure, it was free to sign up for, but I quickly learned that to be able to see any of my received messages or to be able to send any message to sugar babies, I would have to upgrade to a paid membership. The membership wasn’t worth it at all and it wasn’t cheap. Plus, it took me too long to sign up and create my profile. The worst part was that the matches that I found once I had completed my profile were terrible! These ladies had nothing in common with me and it seemed as though most of the matches that were suggested to me were women who wanted everything in exchange for NOTHING! What To Expect

I found quite easily when I first set out to give sugar baby dating a try and it seemed like a LEGIT site, but boy was I wrong! To start off, I had seen most of the pictures of the women on the site on other sites that I had looked at. I was led to believe that my free membership would give me access to sugar babies who I could date, but instead, all I could do was look at their pictures and part of their profiles. I had to upgrade to a paid membership to actually send any of the women that I was interested in a message to arrange a date. Still, I tried to remain positive, so after paying for a membership, I started sending messages to women that I found that might make a good match for me, because as I said before, the matches that were suggested to me I had no interest in. Take a look at what my 3-month membership results were, essentially all I saw was a bunch of disappointment and gold diggers.

  • I sent 156 messages
  • I received 14 responses
  • I made 7 dates (2 of these were no shows)
  • I had 1 hookup … almost

Negative Features Of

TOO MANY FAKE PROFILES I am a busy man with lots on my plate and I honestly don’t have time to waste trying to sift through the HUNDREDS of fake profiles that I came across. The worst part is that often I didn’t realize the sugar baby’s profile was fake until I’d already spend the time to send her a message.

NO SITE MANAGEMENT It was clear early on that there is very little if any site management. If the staffers were truly trying to make sure that their site was reputable, there would have been far fewer FAKE profiles of women on the site.
SPAM, SPAM AND MORE SPAM After joining and setting up my account with, I started to receive hundreds of spam emails to the email account that I had provided for the site.

It was very obvious that had sold my email address to other sites. This was another big RED FLAG that the site just wasn’t what it said it was.

Is It Worth It?

I strongly suggest that you DON’T waste your valuable time (or money) on such a clearly FAKE site like It is unlikely that you will find anything but disappointment if you do decide to sign up. Even trying to cancel my membership was a bit of a nightmare, it took several days and demands to have my profile removed from the site.

To protect yourself be sure to have a look at: Sugar Daddy Dating Guide to get the best tips and advice out there to make sure that your sugar baby dating experience is the best it can possibly be.