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Understanding Why Sugar Babies Date Millionaires

Step 3: Why Sugar Babies Date Millionaires And How To Use It To Your Advantage

There are a number of reasons why sugar babies date millionaires, and knowing what those are can help you figure out your approach to that sugar baby. Sugar babies want to have a sugar daddy for a lot of different things. They could be in need of some financial help, they might be bored and not like the options for men their own ages, maybe they want to travel – whatever the reason might be, you can use it to your advantage. If you know why she wants a sugar daddy, then you can cater to that and become the sugar daddy that she’s looking for, which only increases your odds of being a successful sugar daddy.

If you’re looking for a specific kind of sugar baby, then knowing why they date millionaires is going to help you find her. Her reason for looking for a sugar daddy reveal her intentions, so if you want to know what she’s really about as a sugar baby, find out her reasoning. On the other hand, if there’s a particular sugar baby that you’ve had your eye, and you want to know how to make her your sugar baby, finding out why she’s in the millionaire dating scene lets you cater to those desires. You can be the exact sugar daddy that’s she looking for, and all you need to do is find out why she wants one. It’s not as hard as you’d think – you just have to talk to her and ask! You know how to talk to women, and sugar babies are no different. In fact, they’re easier to talk to because they aren’t hiding anything and won’t keep you guessing. Everybody knows what they ultimately want, you just have to talk to her to get the specifics.

These are the most common reasons that sugar babies date millionaires, so that you can use them to your advantage on whatever kind of sugar baby you encounter.

They Date Millionaires For Financial Benefits

This is the most obvious and most common reason that sugar babies date millionaires – the clear financial benefits they get from it. At the end of the day, all sugar babies date millionaires for this reason, but there are other smaller reasons as well for others. Every sugar baby needs money for one reason or another – whether it be for casual spending or simply not wanting to have to get a job, and that’s where you come in. You get what you need from her, and she gets an allowance of some kind from you. We’re not talking about small benefits either. You’re a millionaire; sugar babies know that when they have a millionaire sugar daddy of their own, they’re set. They never have to work and they get to have their bills paid – why wouldn’t they date millionaires?

Sugar babies, for the most part, date millionaires so that they don’t have to work, and can live a lavish lifestyle. They don’t want regular relationships and they don’t want jobs – they want someone who’s going to fund their lives, period. These women make perfect sugar babies, because they understand that it doesn’t come for free. These sugar babies know what it takes to keep a sugar daddy, so you never have to worry about her falling short of doing what you need. As long as she wants to be a kept lady, she’s more than willing to do what it takes to do so. The ladies who date millionaires so that they can have income without needing a job are generally in the millionaire dating game long-term, so if you’re looking for a longer-term sugar baby dating arrangement, this is the type for you! They’d never have to work, and if you let them know that, they’ll be fighting over you in no time!

They Date Millionaires For Opportunities

These opportunities could be anything, from having the opportunity to meet elite people and live a life of luxury, to connecting them with future business partners and affiliates, and anything in between. You’re in a position of privilege, which you already know, so sugar babies will often look to date millionaires so that they can get access to some of those perks that you get. You get to meet some of the richest and most famous people in the world, and some sugar babies want to do the same. That’s why they date millionaires – so that they can rub elbows with the most elite crowd. A sugar baby who dates millionaires also gets to shop at the ritziest upscale shops in whatever city she happens to be, which isn’t an opportunity that every is able to afford. Thanks to her millionaire sugar daddy, your sugar baby can!

A lot of sugar babies date millionaires simply because they want the lifestyle – they want to live in luxury and not have to lift a finger in order to do it. You want someone to spoil and are interested in becoming a sugar daddy so that you can pay for whatever lifestyle they desire, but make sure you get what you need too. When you’re going into a sugar baby millionaire dating situation, let her know what your terms are. Listen to what opportunities she’s after, and if you’re willing to make them happen, lay out what your side of the relationship requires. This way you never have your own needs neglected, and your sugar baby is clear on what’s expected to keep the opportunities coming.

There are sugar babies who date millionaires for other kinds of opportunities relating more to their futures and their careers. The smarter and more career-oriented sugar babies seek out millionaire sugar daddies who helm successful business for more than just their money. They want first-hand insight into how they can make successful careers for after they no longer want to be sugar babies. We go into this further coming up.

They Date Millionaires For A Mentor

The sugar babies who date millionaires in order to have a mentor could be looking for mentorship in a couple of different ways. Mentorship means many things depending on what you’re looking to learn, and for sugar baby mentorees, this couldn’t be accurate. A good number of sugar babies look to date millionaires so that they can get the obvious financial benefits, while also learning about life and success from someone who’s had experience. Millionaire dating doesn’t last forever, and the sugar babies who think ahead know that they have to make a plan for what comes next. Some of these sugar babies have career aspirations that go beyond on what she’s able to accomplish without some help or connections. If this is the case, show her that you can connect her with the people she needs to know for her future. Teach her what she needs to know about being a successful businessperson, while paying her way to get there.

Some date millionaires because they simply want a male role model in their lives that they can look to for a positive example. These women haven’t been given a good idea of what it takes to be a real man, and a successful one at that, so they date millionaires to get the best idea. These women sometimes do have daddy issues, which is obvious when you consider that they’re seeking this kind of role model in you. This kind of sugar baby isn’t nearly as common, but they’re definitely out there.

You’re most likely to encounter a sugar baby who want to date millionaires to have a mentor in the workplace. You probably have a hot young lady working at your office right now, and you have no idea that she secretly wants to date millionaires to get the know-how on how to move ahead at the company. You could show her how to get the promotions that come up, and steer herself toward future success within the company after you two stop millionaire dating. Keep an ear open to office gossip to find out who might make an eligible mentee-sugar baby. A sugar baby who dates millionaires for their inside knowledge on success is a passionate one, so they make extremely sexy and adventurous partners. Don’t underestimate how sexy a mentor-mentee sugar relationship can be!

They Date Millionaires To Graduate Without Debt

A huge number of sugar babies are in college, and they look to date millionaires in order to pay their tuition and schooling costs. Going to college in the United States costs students over $50,000 for a 4 year education – an amount of money that no student is able to pay for on their own. The majority of US college students are forced to get student loans to pay for their education, which is why a lot of college women are looking elsewhere. These smart young ladies have discovered that they can have their college education completely paid for by becoming sugar babies – so you’ll definitely run into a sugar baby or two that want to date millionaires for this reason. They’re looking to avoid graduating with a degree and devastating amounts of debt, and will do whatever you want them to as sugar babies in return.

An additional benefit to this is that you can connect them with internships or apprenticeships during or following their schooling as well, depending on their field of study. If your sugar baby is in business school, you can set her up with an internship at your company which helps her even more then your financial contributions. Post-college success doesn’t end with being able to pay for tuition or student loans. Every college grad needs internships or some kind of volunteered workplace experience on their resume if they ever hope to get a job, so if you can help your sugar baby out with that too, why not? One more reason for her to want do whatever she can to make you happy and keep you satisfied. There’s more than one way that you can both benefit from the situation, you just need to agree on whatever that might be!

You can get yourself a sugar baby who wants to date millionaires to pay their way through school by putting in your online dating profile that you want to fund their education, for one. The majority of millionaire dating takes place online nowadays, as we’ve mentioned, so getting yourself a profile on one of these sites is a good idea. There are millionaire dating sites that are geared mainly toward college sugar babies, so start on a site like this if you want this kind of girl. You can get a college sugar baby who wants to date millionaires on campus as well – especially if you’re a professor! Being on campus lets you hear the gossip and get an idea who which students want to date millionaires, and which ones don’t. Keep your eyes out for potential sugar babies if you do work on a college campus, because you never know who’s looking to date millionaires in your classes.

They Date Millionaires To Travel

A lot of sugar babies will also date millionaires because they want to travel. Travelling is expensive, especially for a recent college grad, so the ones that really want to experience the world look to date millionaires so that they can do it. They might be looking for sugar daddies so that they can save their allowances for trips later on, or they want you to pay for it while you’re dating. You have the option whether or not you want to go along, so if you’ve been looking for someone to take a trip or two with, consider a sugar baby like this. If you travel for work a lot this is the ideal kind of sugar baby. It would mean the end of lonely, boring stays in hotels, and a chance to get out and explore wherever you are with somebody.

Travelling sugar babies date millionaires> because they know they can experience the world in ways that they would never be able to afford if they paid for it themselves. Some of the most exotic places in the world are only accessible to the richest people, like you, but you can make this sugar baby’s travel dreams come true by paying for her to see them. A trip to India is extremely different to someone who is travelling on a budget, and someone who has money to pay for only the best that the country has to offer. One of those two scenarios has an overwhelmingly positive experience, and it doesn’t involve a budget. Experiencing different cultures but in the ways that the elite in that country would is an extremely unique opportunity that only money can buy, which is why a sugar baby would date millionaires to pay for it. The best way to run into a sugar baby looking to date millionaires so they can travel is online. You can browse their profiles for hints that this is what they’re looking for, and if you want a companion for some travel fun, it’s a perfect fit!

If you want to snag a sugar baby who’s been bitten by the travel bug, offer to fund her dream vacation. This could be going on safari in Kenya, or backpacking through Europe, but make sure that you’re paying for her to have a five-star trip, regardless of where it is. You don’t want your sugar baby to have to stay in hostels, and she doesn’t want to either, so get some details before you agree on an amount. Keep in contact with her during her trip too so that you can send her whatever money she needs. Guarantee that you get that sugar baby by making it clear that you’re willing to do this, if she’s interested in being your sugar baby. As we’ve mentioned, you’ll meet these ladies on millionaire dating sites more than anywhere else, because they’re looking to connect with and date millionaires from all over the globe. Location is not an issue with these sugar babies, because they want to come and see where you live, and then some! Look for profiles that have photos of a sugar baby who has travelled, and ones that state in their profiles that they have an interest in travel. You can use your work travel schedule to entice them into your arms, and then you have yourself a sugar baby!

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