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The Secrets To Successful Millionaire Dating

Step 8: Some Secrets To Successful Millionaire Dating

You might be new to this particular kind of dating, but you’ve obviously dated women before. You know how to talk to the ladies and get what you want, but with millionaire dating, sometimes you have to go that extra mile to get your match. There’s no formula for millionaire dating, but there are some tips and tricks that you use to guarantee yourself a successful millionaire dating experience. In your position, you don’t want to spend weeks or months trying to find a sugar baby match, so we’ve got some advice that can help you not only narrow down your search time, but keep your sugar baby happy so she stays with you and you both have a great time.

If you’re unfamiliar with how millionaire dating is supposed to work, we’d be surprised at this point in the guide. But for a refresher – millionaire dating requires that the sugar daddy be a legitimate millionaire, and date an attractive young woman for mutual benefits. For her, those benefits include money, gifts, and lots of opportunity. For you, the perks are whatever you agree on with her, so there’s no standard to meet – it’s all up to each individual millionaire dating couple. When you’re looking for your sugar baby match, it’s extremely important to layout some ground rules and agree on the terms of your relationship. For instance, you might agree on a set allowance amount of your sugar baby, in return for her accompanying you to all of your business trips and outings.

Sex isn’t always a necessary part of a millionaire dating relationship, but it definitely can be! If you find a sugar baby who’s willing to factor sex into your relationship, then you can work out any number of terms for your arrangement. Sex is an important part of any relationship, and while millionaire dating doesn’t fall under the same categories as traditional dating relationships, there’s still more than enough room for sex to come into play. At the same time, be aware that not every sugar baby is ok with it. Some sugar babies draw the line at sexual activity, which is totally fine, but you want to find out this information before you start your millionaire dating relationship, so you know if it could work. You don’t want to get a sugar baby and try to sleep with her, only to find out that she’s not down. Talk about these things beforehand, and save yourself trouble later on. We’ll go into more detail further on this article, so without further ado, these are some secrets to millionaire dating success.

Join A Millionaire Dating Site

Join A Millionaire Dating Site

Millionaire dating sites are the best possible place that you could go to meet sugar babies. Online dating in general is the most popular way that people are meeting for any kind of relationship, including sugar babies and millionaires. There’s a good reason for this too. Joining an online dating site means that you’re going directly to a place where you can meet like-minded people who are also looking for a connection. In online dating, there’s no awkward guessing or conversation about whether or not that person is looking for a relationship – they’re on these sites because they are! So right away that takes some of the more potentially uncomfortable situations out of the dating situation.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of millionaire dating sites out there, so before you can go ahead and meet anybody, you’ve got to choose a reputable site to use first. As we showed you in the previous two steps in the guide, the best way you can find out which ones are the better millionaire sites that you should look into, is reading reviews on these sites. Every millionaire dating site will have a review online of that particular site, so if you’re considering joining, take a few extra minutes before you do to check out a couple of reviews. Again, we’ve already laid out why it’s in your best interest to do so, but just in case you need to be reminded: taking the time to read some millionaire dating reviews on sites that you’re thinking of joining as a member will save you wasting time, will save you from joining a potential scam site, and will tell you all of the good and bad things about that site. The people who have written these reviews have done the hard part for you, and are telling you why or why not to use a particular site. They’re out there for your benefit, so read them.

Millionaire dating sites make meeting sugar babies a lot easier as well, just because you have a plethora of them in one place to connect with. There’s no other place in the world that you could go or log on to and meet thousands of sugar babies in the same place. This works hugely to your advantage, because these sites have search filters and all kinds of features that help you match with the most appropriate sugar baby for what you’re looking for. When you join a millionaire dating site, make sure you get the highest level of membership, so that you have full access to all of the site, it’s features and it’s members. This makes finding a sugar baby easier than it would be, quite literally, any other way. This is why online dating works so well – everyone’s looking for the same, if not similar, things in particular type of dating, so there’s no awkwardness or extra time spent having to find out if they want what you do. If they’re a member of a millionaire dating site, then they want a sugar daddy, period.

Agree On Terms Before Your Millionaire Dating Relationship Starts

Agree On Terms Before Your Millionaire Dating Relationship Starts

We mentioned this in the intro and we’re dedicating an entire section to this topic – that’s how essential it is! If you just jump into a millionaire dating relationship with a woman because she’s sexy, you might end up regretting it later. It’s important that you two take the time talk about what you’re each looking for in sugar baby sugar daddy situation, and what you want to get out of it. You two might have completely different expectations of each others role in your millionaire dating relationship, but you wouldn’t find that out until you two clashed later on. Spend a night before you two agree to anything just to talk about the situation. What does she want in a sugar daddy? What do you want in a sugar baby? What are each of you willing to do for the other? Is sex on the table? These are extremely important questions to ask to make sure you’d make a compatible match.

The only way to be sure that you and a potential sugar baby are going to work as a millionaire dating couple is if you discuss this stuff before anything happens. If you meet her online, set up a “date” to meet in person and talk about these things. Skipping this step and jumping into a relationship with her could be a big mistake, because she might not have the best intentions. While most sugar babies are legitimately looking for a sugar daddy, there are some out there are just looking for a quick pay-off or a on-going scam. Filter out these women by meeting with each and every sugar baby that you’re considering dating, and talk about their intentions and yours.

It’s also good to do this because you can both know what to expect from the millionaire dating relationship and from each other. She might want you to give her gifts every time you see her, but if you don’t get a chance to talk about expectations before you start actually dating, then you might disappoint her without even knowing it. On the same side, if you want to have sex with your sugar baby but you don’t mention that when you first meet up, then you could be very disappointed to find out that the sugar baby you’re in a millionaire dating relationship with has no intention of getting naked with you. Not all sugar babies do, and that’s fine, but you should know what you’re getting into before you do it. You wouldn’t jump into a business investment before looking into that company first, so think of finding a sugar baby the same way.

Shower Your Sugar Baby With Gifts

Shower Your Sugar Baby With Gifts

Your role as a sugar daddy is basically to spoil your sugar baby, so when you’re in a millionaire dating relationship, keep those presents coming! Any sugar baby pretty much expects this, which is why they got involved in millionaire dating, so you should expect to have to do this kind of thing. While it is largely about you, it’s also about her, so if you want to keep a sugar baby on your arm, you need to gift her things on the regular. Any and every sugar baby knows that you can afford to buy them things, almost anything they could want, and they’re definitely going to notice if you aren’t holding up your end of the arrangement here.

As far as what gifts to give a sugar baby, the possibilities are literally endless. You can get her something small, yet pricey, like jewellery, or you can go all out and buy her a home or condo. There’s obviously room in between for any number of other things, but the more expensive the gifts are, the better the response from your sugar baby will be. The most common sugar baby gifts would be things like all-expense paid vacations, cars, jewels, clothes and shoes, purses, pets, and condos. These are some very good reasons for a sugar baby to want to be involved in millionaire dating, so you better make sure you can provide! As a millionaire, you obviously can, but it’s also about your willingness to do so.

Gifts for your sugar baby don’t end at tangible items either. It can extend to amazing date ideas that would be an unforgettable experience. Changes are pretty good that your sugar baby watches shows like The Bachelor, and she’s going to wonder where her extremely lavish dates are. Who else could take her to the Eiffel Tower for dinner one night, only to fly to New York for dessert later on? A millionaire like you, that’s who! This is one of the reasons that sugar babies will choose millionaire dating over other kinds of sugar daddy dating; because millionaires can afford more, and they have no qualms about spending. If you’re having trouble thinking of extravagant date ideas that she might want to go on, we recommend checking up on an episode of The Bachelor for some inspiration – we’re not kidding! They go on dates on mountaintops and in caves, so if you want to get creative and be sure to impress, copy one of their ideas.

Take Trips With Your Millionaire Dating Match

Take Trips With Your Millionaire Dating Match

Another essential part of millionaire dating, similar to the gifts you’ll be required to give your sugar baby, is the trips and vacations. These are just as necessary as the gifts themselves, because a good number of sugar babies want to travel as part of their sugar arrangement. It’s not cheap to fund a dream vacation, especially if it requires multiple locations, so the best way for a sugar baby to travel how she wants is to get herself a sugar daddy. It makes sense when you think about it – budget vacations are fun, but they’re an extremely different ball-game than travelling when you have money to spare. Some countries aren’t even worth visiting if you can’t opt for the top-of-the-line accommodations and perks, which makes including trips a key aspect of your millionaire dating relationship

You might travel for work and are away on business a lot, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave your sugar baby behind. Kill two birds with one stone and take your sugar baby with you on your work trip! You’re literally taking care of business while she gets to travel, so everyone’s happy – and with minimal effort! This kind of trip will be covered by your company, so you have extra money to spend on dinners and drinks with your sugar baby while you’re away. You can, and should, also give your sugar baby money to go shopping while you’re in meetings. She’s not going to be very happy if she has to stay alone in a hotel room all day long – nobody wants to do that. Before you go into the meetings, give her an allowance amount that lets her shop for whatever she wants and do whatever she wants while you’re busy.

Don’t Be Stingy

Don't Be Stingy

If you’re looking to save money or want to try millionaire dating on a budget, don’t. There’s no place for stinginess in millionaire dating so if that’s a concern for you, you either to rethink your budget plan or reconsider millionaire dating at this time. If you legitimate want to be in millionaire dating and call yourself a sugar daddy, you need to be willing to spend the money. Flaunt your wealth, pamper and spoil your sugar baby, and go nuts with your money! It doesn’t have to last forever, and you have investments that bring that money right back into your account.

Your sugar baby is going to expect you to spend money on her, and that’s exactly what sugar daddy dating is about, so it needs to happen. Don’t try and cut corners and do anything on a budget either. Go big or go home! If you’re going on vacation, you better be springing for 5-star hotels and VIP treatment, plus first class flights – if you don’t have your own private jet, that is. Saving money absolutely cannot be a concern for you if you’re going to be millionaire dating, so get that mindset out of your head if that’s how you’re thinking. The best and only way to be a good sugar daddy is to be generous with your money. That could be allowances, gifts, trips – anything that involves sharing your wealth with the sugar baby that you’ve chosen to spend time with. That the reason that she’s with you and once that well dries up, she’s gone! So don’t let that happen – let her know that whatever she wants, she gets as long as she’s with you. Millionaire dating requires some effort, and for you, that means money.

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