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Step 2: Helpful Millionaire Dating Tips For Dating Sugar Babies

Step 2: Helpful Millionaire Dating Tips For Dating Sugar Babies

You can find millionaire dating tips anywhere online, but they aren’t all that helpful. A lot of millionaire dating is common sense, at least you would think, but there are some tips and tricks that can make your time with a sugar baby that much more successful and fulfilling. We’ve got some of the best millionaire dating tips that you can find online that are guaranteed to help you find the perfect sugar baby for your needs. You’ll be an expert and have all of the best millionaire dating tips possible. It’s not that much different from traditional dating, but it’s also not the same thing, so you have to know the differences. You’ll need to do things for your sugar baby that wouldn’t be required to do for a girlfriend, but that’s why you’re millionaire dating in the first place – you don’t want a traditional kind of dating relationship!

Find out which millionaire dating tips you should go by, and why. We have only the most useful millionaire dating tips to offer, so you can be sure that you’re gaining some truly valuable knowledge on sugar babies and millionaire dating. Your buddies will be coming to you for advice, and if you don’t want to relay what you know, you can direct them here to find out for themselves. The tips that we offer are tried and true, taken from years of millionaire dating experience and observation. Without further ado, these are your millionaire dating tips!

Millionaire Dating Tips: Buy Her Things

This is common sense more than anything else, because in millionaire dating, you obviously have to buy a sugar baby gifts. But it’s also one of the more important millionaire dating tips, because it’s something that you need to do. Your role as a sugar daddy is to provide your sugar baby with luxury and any material item that she could want, so don’t forget to send or give her a pricey gift every now and then. It could be anything, from a car or jewellery, to a house or trip, but you have to spend a pretty decent amount of money. You want your sugar baby to be living in luxury and not wanting for anything so keep on top of those gifts. She should never feel like you aren’t thinking about her, or that you forgot about her in any way. Keep her happy and she’ll keep you happy.

Switch things up from time to time as well. Don’t give her the same things every time. Mix it up and give her something uniquely different – for instance, if you give her a big gift every week, buy her a car one week, jewellery the next, shoes the following, and so on. It would a little bit boring if you gave her jewellery all the time. Sure, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but at a certain point, you can only have so many before it starts to get old. You don’t want her to have a collection of jewellery that she doesn’t wear. On that note, never get your sugar baby anything that’s fake. No fake jewels whatsoever! You know better then that, and you can afford better than that, so give her the real deal if you’re going to gift her with jewels. This is one of the more important millionaire dating tips that we can give – always give her the real thing.

Giving her the real deal goes for brand names too. Never give your sugar baby anything that’s a knock-off of a designer brand, or generic. She wants those designer labels, and you want her to be seen with them, so don’t get cheap and go around that. If you’re buying her a car, don’t get her a Mazda sports car – go bigger and get her a Corvette or something that’s actually considered a sports car. The worst thing you could do is come off looking like a Splenda daddy when you’re the real deal sugar daddy, so never take short cuts.

Millionaire Dating Tips: Take Her On Vacation

Another one of the important millionaire dating tips that seems like common sense with this kind of dating is to take your sugar baby on trips and vacations. Take her to places that she would never be able to go if she didn’t have you and your money to take her. The most exotic locations are best, in terms of unique experiences, but don’t take her anywhere that’s going to require too much exertion or discomfort. Don’t expect your sugar baby to want to take a jungle hike through the Amazon, is what we’re saying. Stick to places like The Maldives, Fiji or Majorca – beautiful and tropical locations that make a vacation absolute paradise. Give her an experience that she’ll never forget.

Remember, again, this isn’t your girlfriend. She’s a young woman that likes to be pampered and spoiled, so wherever you choose to take her, make sure she’s going to be happy there. Resorts with spa packages and amenities are always a great idea, for one. Places that have great shopping are also great. Somewhere like Dubai has incredible shopping options, as well as some of the most expensive and elite commodities in the world. Literally only the rich and famous can afford to vacation in Dubai, so take her there to join those ranks for a little while.

Don’t worry about planning a romantic getaway, it’s more about spending some downtime with a beautiful young woman while giving her the opportunity to travel. You don’t have to accompany her to each of these vacations either. If you have a busy schedule coming up and won’t be able to spend much time with your sugar baby, book her a vacation with a friend of hers and send them off on an adventure – while you foot the bill! This way, you know that your sugar baby is happy and busy, so you don’t have to worry about her getting bored and finding someone else while you take care of business. It’s a win-win!

Millionaire Dating Tips: Cover Her Financial Needs

This is more general than the other millionaire dating tips but it’s important that you know your role in a sugar relationship. Some sugar babies seek out sugar daddies to help with financial needs that they aren’t able to cover themselves, for whatever reason. This could be a college student, a single mother, or just a young woman who’s between jobs, but she wants someone who can pay her way in the meantime. Whatever the reason is that she needs money is irrelevant in most cases, just know that you’re there to provide that for her. This shouldn’t be surprising in terms of millionaire dating tips – you should know what your role is as the financial provider in a millionaire dating relationship.

The money that you give her for her needs in this case would mostly be covering things like her rent or mortgage payments, her bills, grocery budget – basically her cost of living. This won’t take much out of your bank account, because the main focus of your millionaire dating arrangement is the luxury and pampering, but you want her to enjoy it, so take away any worries that she might have around paying her essentials by doing it for her. When you initially meet and talk terms of your millionaire dating relationship, make sure you bring up her cost of living. Have her budget out what she needs so you can set her up with an allowance of sorts to take care of those costs. Once that stuff is all out of the way, you’re free to gift and pamper her as much as you want, and you’ll know that she isn’t distracted by worrying about anything. It’s a classy move, and that’s why it’s one of the key millionaire dating tips on this list.

Millionaire Dating Tips: Let Her Borrow Your Credit Card

You won’t always be available when she wants to do things, but there are still ways that you can give her what she needs. Number four on our list of millionaire dating tips is to give her your credit card sometimes, or access to it at the very least. Your sugar baby has significantly more down time that you do, so she’s going to want to do something with that time. Shopping is a great way to pass the time for any sugar baby, so give her your card and send her off to go shopping for the day with her friends. You can also suggest she take a spa day, or go out with girlfriends – the point is that you’re still footing the bill and allowing her these luxuries that she couldn’t have otherwise.

Discuss this when you’re arranging your millionaire dating relationship terms. Include the trust factor and make it clear that you’re willing to allow her use of your credit cards and information, as long as she stays within a certain limit – whatever your stipulations may be. If you don’t feel like you can trust this sugar baby with you credit cards, then consider finding a different sugar baby that is trustworthy enough to leave with it. You don’t want to have to worry that she’s spending $20,000 in an afternoon if you state that she has a limit, and if you trust her enough to stay within that. It’s a great way for her to feel independent in your sugar daddy relationship while you’re still taking care of her financially. Everybody wins in a sugar daddy relationship when you give her freedom to spend your money as she pleases, while you’re doing your own thing. It’s the perfect arrangement!

Again though, if you don’t trust that sugar baby enough to leave her with your credit card, you need to dump her and get another one. You’re going to be giving her access to a lot of expensive things, including your home, so if you think she’s sketchy or aren’t sure what she would do, then she clearly isn’t the sugar baby that you’re looking for. Protect yourself while your millionaire dating – you can consider that millionaire dating tip 4.5. Never keep a sugar baby around that isn’t worth your time or money, or who you wouldn’t trust leaving alone in your home. There are plenty of other sugar babies to choose from that are just as hot, so don’t compromise your security on a sugar baby just because you think she’s sexy. There’s always a new one waiting!

Millionaire Dating Tips: Finance Her Dreams

This is somewhat less common in terms of millionaire dating tips, but no less important to the experience. A lot of sugar babies have aspirations beyond being sugar babies, believe it or not, but they’re stuck somewhere in between finding success and needing money. Which is where you come in! Your sugar baby might have dreams of opening her own business of some kind, but doesn’t have the start-up money that she needs. As you know, bank loans aren’t always guaranteed and they aren’t always a good idea, so the best person to help finance her start-up costs would be her sugar daddy! You’re in a position to be able to do this, so why not? You’re helping to secure her future beyond sugar baby dating, and put her on a path to success. Giving her the opportunity to have her dream job and live out her career goals is a really fulfilling feeling that you might not have expected.

Financing a sugar baby’s dreams could literally mean anything though, it just depends on the individual woman. Her dreams might not be anything related to her career or starting a business – it might be more personal. Maybe she’s always dreamed of travelling to Thailand and holding tiger cubs, which is not cheap. You can send her on her dream trip to do that! What she covets might be something really small to you, but means the world to her, so find out what that is and make it happen. You might be the only chance she has of ever experiencing what she’s been dreaming of doing, so let her take advantage of being your sugar baby and do it. You aren’t required to do anything – no effort needs to be expended on your part. You just have to provide her with the financial means to make whatever it is she wants happen.

Millionaire Dating Tips: All Good Things Come To An End

Millionaire dating and sugar relationships are temporary, which is understood by everyone involved. If you’re new the scene, then it’s something you should come to expect. That’s one of the great things about these kinds of relationships – it’s more about temporary experiences and satisfaction than commitment. They make for the perfect opportunity to experience new things without any pressure whatsoever. One of the best millionaire dating tips to be aware of is this – when you go into a sugar relationship, think about how long you’d want to support that sugar baby for; how long are you willing to invest your time and money into this girl? If you think that she would want more time than you’re willing to offer, then she isn’t a sugar baby for you. Ask the tough questions so that you know that you two are on the same page for the duration of your millionaire dating relationship.

It’s also important to know that you don’t have to stay in the relationship if you aren’t into it anymore. There’s no couples counselling or “making it work” in millionaire dating. If its not fun anymore, leave. There no need to stick it out and stay in a situation that isn’t what you want, especially in sugar dating. There are literally thousands of sugar babies out there so if the one that you’re with at the moment isn’t cutting it anymore, don’t hesitate to move on to a new one. This is the best part of this sort of dating – nobody has to deal with any pressure or do anything that they don’t want to do. There are no sacrifices to be made, or anything to compromise anybody’s happiness. Millionaire dating is all about enjoyment and fulfillment, so if those things are lacking, then you’re in the wrong sugar baby relationship. Don’t be afraid to end things when they’ve gone stale.

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