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Step 1: Dating For Millionaires: About Sugar Baby Dating

Step 1: Dating For Millionaires: About Sugar Baby Dating

You’ve been around the dating scene for years, so you know what it’s about, but millionaire dating and dating sugar babies might be a whole new thing. There are some things that you should know about sugar babies before you try and date them. Not just why they date millionaire (that comes in step 3), but how to navigate their personality to determine what kind of sugar baby she is. You also need to decide what kind of young woman you want to be sugar baby dating, because you’ll be spending time with her, so you better like her. You wouldn’t want to give money to someone that you don’t like, so keep that in mind when you’re looking for a millionaire dating partner.

At the end of the day, dating for millionaires is about dating hot young women, so if you know how to talk to them, you should be ok. But knowing these tidbits that we’ve got on the subject will up your millionaire dating game, and make you a top contender for the sugar babies out there seeking sugar daddies of their own. You might have thought that millionaire dating would be a daunting task, and something that’s unattainable for you, but we’re here to tell you with the utmost certainty that it is not! You’re a millionaire, so that automatically makes you an eligible contender for millionaire dating. Not every sugar daddy out there has your level of income, so as a top-tier earner, you’re at the top of the most desirable sugar daddies list. These are just a few things that are helpful to know about dating for millionaires, and sugar babies in general, and how to make yourself a sought-after sugar daddy.

Dating For Millionaires 101: Sugar Babies Are Easy To Impress

One thing that you should know, and you’ll find out once you meet one, is that sugar babies aren’t hard to impress. This is especially true if they’re newbies. Dating for millionaires is very much about impressing and exceeding the dreams of these young women, but just know that it’s not going to take a huge amount of time or effort on your end. You can do something as simple as send a car to pick her up for your date, and that will make you look like a big shot in her eyes. Planning things for her to do that you pay for is a really good way to keep your sugar baby happy and willing to do what you want her to do. You don’t always have to be there physically – dating for millionaires is more amount your money then your presence, so keep that in mind. Sending your sugar baby for a fully covered spa day is one thing that pampers her and requires zero effort on your part. But you can be sure that she’ll be happy enough to want to keep you happy, so this is the time to make your requests.

Buying her gifts is something that you’ll need to do in millionaire dating, if you didn’t know that already. But it’s not going to be as hard as it might be to find a gift for your spouse. Get a sugar baby the flashiest thing, or something that you know every young woman wants – like a car – and you’ll be set. Grand gestures like these wouldn’t always work in a traditional relationship, but in millionaire dating, that’s what it’s all about. You want to keep impressing your sugar baby so that she’ll not only stick around, but will hold up her end of the sugar relationship agreement that you two decided on without issue. It goes both ways in millionaire dating, you two just have different things expected on each side of the arrangement.

Dating For Millionaires 101: Flaunting Wealth Will Work In Your Favor

The more you show off that you have money to spend, the better you’ll find your response from potential sugar babies. Dating for millionaires is definitely not about subtlety, so don’t be afraid to flaunt the cash that you’ve got. Don’t be stupid about it though – making yourself a target for theft on social media or flashing expensive things in unsafe areas. In the comfort of your own home, or on millionaire dating meet-ups with sugar babies are where it’s most appropriate. This means ordering that top shelf liquor on your dates, getting a bottle of fine wine, taking her to the nicest restaurants in town, or buying her expensive gifts. It doesn’t mean walking in to a bar holding a stack of cash – that would be stupid. But use your things to imply your wealth; drive your fanciest car when you go out, wear designer fashion labels, or frequent the spots known for having rich clientele.

Presenting yourself as a rich successful, rich man is projecting the image that sugar babies expect, and the one that want to see. The idea behind flaunting your wealth in such a way is that it attracts the attention of the women who are looking for a sugar daddy. You want to show that you’ve got money, and you aren’t opposed to spending it, which is essential in dating for millionaires. A potential sugar baby needs to know that the guy she’s interested in having as a sugar daddy is willing to spend his money on her. If she gets the sense that you might be stingy, you aren’t going to have the best luck millionaire dating. Again, this does not mean flashing literal wads of cash around, but using material items to show that you have a luxurious lifestyle that you want to share through millionaire dating.

Dating For Millionaires 101: You Need To Be Generous

Dating for millionaires requires that you do some things to show your financial generosity before you get a sugar baby to spoil. You have to let potential sugar babies know that you not only have the riches, but you’re more than willing to buy things for her with it. Dating for millionaires revolves around money a lot, and you can’t be a successful sugar daddy if you aren’t down to shell out the big bucks for the women. There a number of different reasons that young women get involved in dating for millionaires, but the common thread through all of them is money. They might desire the lifestyle of the rich and famous, or they need some financial help for one reason or another, but if you can make it clear that you have no qualms about spending, you’ll have a great response from the sugar baby community.

Word spreads among sugar babies as well, so if you can’t think of ways to show that you want to be generous, take our a sugar baby and spoil her. She’ll talk to her sugar baby friends and word will get around that you’d make a fantastic sugar daddy, and are willing to spend the money to do it! If a sugar baby is in college, for example, and doesn’t have time to work a regular job, then dating for millionaires is a logical place for her to turn. But she has to have an idea of who would pay for her schooling. If that’s you, then take some steps to let her know that – you can out-right tell her if you want to! The point is not to be shy about your willingness to be generous, not only helping out financially when needed, but also to spoil and pamper as well.

Dating For Millionaires 101: Mentorship

One huge benefit that sugar babies have in dating for millionaires is that they’re in a position to have a mentor in you. You have a wealth of life experience as well as money to fund her desires, and a lot of sugar babies are looking for that in a sugar daddy. This is one of the other major reasons that sugar babies seek out sugar daddies, and get involved in dating for millionaires. You can offer her essential tips and advice about life in general, or about more specific things. The reasons why range big time. She could be looking for help with personal growth, so you can advise her on what to expect later on, how to make life as happy and successful as possible. But she might also be looking for professional advice from a successful businessman – which is how you made your millions. Don’t underestimate the role of mentorship in dating for millionaires.

The role of a mentor can be a lot of different things, requiring various amounts of time and effort from you. You have the choice of whether or not you want to invest certain amounts of time and money into a sugar baby. If mentoring on a major level isn’t something that appeals to you, you’ll still be able to find a sugar baby, but you need to make it clear when you’re talking to a potential one that you aren’t really into mentorship. Maybe you’re too busy running your business to dedicate extra time to a sugar baby, and that’s ok. But don’t lead her on because you don’t want to tell her that. There’s always another sugar baby who fits closer to what you want, so if the one you’re with is taking too much time from you, then move onto another one who’s more independent.


If a sugar baby is looking for a sugar daddy to offer advice on personal matters, this could mean any number of things. It’s not the most common reason that sugar babies get into dating for millionaires, but it definitely happens enough to worth mentioning. Obviously the main lure is the financial benefits, but the 2nd runner-up to that is often mentoring from someone who’s had a lot of different kinds of life experiences. Maybe this sugar baby hasn’t had the best examples of a male role model in her life, and wants someone to fill that role for a while. Just because she wants a male role model in her life, doesn’t necessarily mean she has daddy issues, but even if she does, you’re there to help fill in that role for her.

Dating for millionaires obviously doesn’t have a big focus on this kind of arrangement, but it’s good to be aware that there are sugar babies out there who are looking for a little bit more than just the money. If you want a more fulfilling sugar relationship, then consider taking on a sugar baby who wants both money and a personal mentor. More than anything you’d act a support system for her when she needs it. Dating for millionaires and sugar daddy dating relationships are temporary by nature, so you wouldn’t be doing this permanently. Maybe you’re feeling like you want to give back a little bit more – then this is the sugar baby for you.


The more common kind of mentorship that you’ll most likely encounter in dating for millionaires is the professional type. A lot of sugar babies are up and coming entrepreneurs and business women, and who could be better to learn about success from then from a millionaire? These are smart sugar babies, and ones you’ll find that you want to help. You’ve accumulated as much knowledge on business and careers at this point as you have wealth, so why not share that with someone who wants to learn the tricks of the trade. Mentor her on how to start her business – what steps she has to take, what to avoid, how to finance thing, etc. – or offer her direct help in getting her business plan off the ground. A lot of sugar babies get into dating for millionaires for the resources that you have to offer, so take advantage of that while you can! You can take a sugar baby under your wing while your flaunting her on your arm, and you just might have the perfect sugar baby sugar daddy arrangement of all time.

Looking for professional mentorship and advice is mostly what college sugar babies are after, and some of the older sugar babies on the scene as well. Whatever it is she that she’s looking to do with her future career, whether it be opening a store front, starting a company, or advancing at her workplace, you have the knowledge and info that she needs to make that happen. You can advise her on what to do to get that promotion, and what she should never do if she wants to move ahead in business. Don’t always assume that all sugar babies are just looking for money. Yes, they are, but some of them are also looking for something more .

Dating For Millionaires 101: Mutual Benefits

The main thing in dating for millionaires and sugar daddy dating is that each of you are benefitting. For your sugar baby, she’s getting financial help and a mentor, and for you, you get the company of a hot young lady whenever you want! As far as specifics like sex, that’s something that you two need to agree on before you get into a sugar relationship. You both need to know what to expect from your arrangement, and how you’re going to get those things. You and your sugar baby should be on the same page as far as your relationship goes, so that nobody’s caught off-guard with unexpected requests. Surprises are fun, but not when you were expected sex, only to be told that it’s not going to happen. Avoid this by agreeing on “terms” beforehand, and you’ll be set.

To make sure that you get exactly what you want out of a sugar daddy dating relationship, you should keep an open line of communication between the two of you. Aside from that, vet out the sugar babies before you pick one to spend time and money on. Ask questions about what they want and what they’re willing to do, and see if it lines up with your expectations. You have lots of offer, so work it out so that you’re both happy with what will be arranged going forward. This could be allowances for her, and weekly sex for you, but it doesn’t have to be. You just want to make sure that you won’t be looking back and wishing you’d asked her more questions and screened her as a potential sugar baby better. Do the dirty work before that dating for millionaires action starts.

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