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How To End A Sugar Baby Relationship In Different Ways

How To End A Sugar Baby Relationship

As much as it sucks, like most good things, sometimes your sugar baby relationship comes to an end. The worst part though, is the actual break up part. Hurting someone’s feelings is actually the worst, so we are here to help you. We have come up with what you should say or how you should do it to make it easier to get through.

We have all had that one break up experience that was terrible for everyone involved. However, now we are mature adults. Even the young girls you date in theory should be mature enough to handle this kind of stress. Just keep your cool and put your cards on the table.

What You Should Say

What You Should Say

Be Kind

“As much as I like you, I just feel like this is coming to an end. I’d rather let you go now and allow you to move on. If we keep this thing going, I know I will just end up hurting you more.”

Be Truthful

“You are too [clingy, controlling, obsessive, weird, jealous, etc.] and you [talk too much, spend too much, aren’t faithful, don’t follow our agreed upon rules, etc]. I don’t think this arrangement is working out anymore. I’m sorry.”

Be Honest

“I just don’t feel the same about you anymore. I met someone who I connect with on a deeper level and just feel like I need to see where it goes with her instead. You’re great, but I’m just not into this anymore. I’m sorry.”

Be A Bit Aggressive

“I honestly just don’t like [x, y, z] about you and would rather do this with someone else. You are kind of a [idiot, snob, gold digger, slut, racist] and I don’t need that in my life. It’s best if we break this off.”

Where You Should End It

Where You Should End It

In A Public Pace

A lot can be said for dumping someone in a public place. If they aren’t completely crazy, they won’t make a scene and you can let them leave with their dignity. If they are crazy, well at least there will be witnesses present.

At Her Place

If you break up with her at her place, you can leave any time you want. If you break up with her at your place, she’s going to want to talk and hang around and you’ll feel even worse telling her to leave. So, if you can make sure you do it, at her place.

Near Stuff That Could Hurt You

If you feel like she might go crazy, then maybe don’t break up with her somewhere where she can grab something and hit you. In a kitchen would be bad; frying pans are always close by. You have to be smart if you think she is a bit unstable. We get it though, the extremely hot ones are also the craziest.

Through A Text/Phone Call

This might seem like a petty thing to do but sometimes it is just easier to break the bad news to them through a text or phone call. We lead busy lives and we understand that sometimes you can’t help but need to dump someone on the go. Fast to start and fast to end. This can actually save you a lot of time and they will get their chance to grieve in their own time.

Do You Stay In Touch?

Do You Stay In Touch?

There’s always the touchy subject of “We can still be friends, right?” Well that is not always the case. Some people can do the whole ‘staying friends’ thing. It depends on the relationship. Normally the ones who can keep in touch, broke up for mutual reasons and they both knew they just weren’t meant for each other. While others only say that because they have some shred of hope that things will change.

Every breakup is unique and these are just some ideas to help you get through it the best way you can. In the end, how you want to break up with someone is completely your choice. Just remember that they are people too with feelings and you should take those feelings into consideration. Yes, they might cry. Yes, they might get mad. In the end though, every break up is for the best. You don’t want to be with someone that makes you unhappy or stay with someone that doesn’t want to be with you.

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