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How Much Money Is Too Much Money To Spend On A Baby

How Much Money Is Too Much Money

When it comes to dating a sugar baby who asks for an allowance or asks to be paid each time you meet up or hook up, you need to think about how much money is too much money? Let us lay the facts down for you so you can decide what situation works best for you.

How To Budget For An Allowance

How To Budget For An Allowance

You make 1 – 2 million dollars a year. Your sugar baby wants $1000 a week for three nights and two dinners. That’s $52,000 a year on a girlfriend. If this is something you can justify than all the power to you. However, this guarantees that she won’t work at all. If you want a girl who will also keep a job and not just depend on you. You need to drop the price to $1000 every two weeks for the same deal.

Some sugar babies now a day have been charging upwards of $1500 to $2000 per meeting. If you aren’t crazy wealthy, this can add up quite quickly. You need to limit what you spend and what you are getting out of it. Just because she demands that much, does not mean you have to pay it.

The Agreement

The Agreement

You also need to talk about what the agreement will include. It seems weird to have a debate or negotiation about your sex life or dates, but it is necessary. Being a sugar baby, they understand that they don’t really have the ability to be prude. Obviously this doesn’t mean force yourself on them. However, you need to work out something that is comfortable for the two of you. The deal doesn’t have to start until you are both comfortable with each other. You also need to let them know that if one week you miss two dinners, that they won’t get paid as much. Or if you get extra time with them, you won’t pay for extra.

Don’t let her control the situation. If she starts bailing on dates or dinners or if she doesn’t perform sexually, you don’t have to pay her. That is all part of the agreement you two set up. Even if things change, you can’t pay more and get less. She needs to know that you are in control of how much you want to spend on her. Remember, you can always find someone else very quickly.

Paying Per Visit

Paying Per Visit

This one can seem a bit like prostitution, but some people prefer to do it this way. It is a lot easier to figure out when you just pay a set wage per visit. That way there is no math involved or debating over time spent together. It’s a simple, $200 per visit or whatever you agree on. Just make sure that they know, this isn’t a prostituting deal. You might be paying for their time, but you also expect the girlfriend treatment and that they remain faithful to you.

When a sugar baby starts asking for a couple thousand dollars every time you two meet up, it can feel like you are buying a prostitute. If you wanted that, you could get it for a lot less and get a whole lot more. Your sugar baby needs to realize that while they are hot and you are paying for a service, that does not mean they can charge outrageous amounts. You need to set a maximum spending limit with them and get the terms of the agreement down flat.

Don’t Budge On The Budget

When you have planned out a budget in your head, don’t budge on it. If you begin to budge on it your sugar baby will assume she can make you budge on anything. Soon you’ll be paying more but getting less. Sugar babies know how to manipulate, so you have to be tough and strong about this. Keep a good head on yourself. If you show her that you won’t be budged, she will eventually stop asking. She would rather take what she can get with you than try her luck with someone else again.

Now that you know how to manage your money with your sugar baby, you will be successful. Always remember, they need you. You always have the option of finding someone knew, so take advantage of that and use it to get the ball in your court.

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