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The Difference Between A Sugar Baby And A Prostitute

The Difference Between A Sugar Baby And A Prostitute

When you start getting involved with a sugar baby, it might feel a bit like prostitution. However, that is not the case. they are two completely different categories. We are here to ease your mind when it comes to the difference between sugar babies and prostitutes.

What Is A Sugar Baby?

A sugar baby is someone who will give your the girlfriend experience and be faithful to you in exchange for an allowance, or shopping sprees, or gifts. They are just regular girls you can have dinner with, get drinks with, spend a night in with. Things of that nature. While sex is implied, it’s more about the connection between the two of you. This is a lifestyle choice where you develop a relationship. In a sense this is quality over quantity. They will only be with you if that is the arrangement you make.

Some men don’t need sex. Most of the time a sugar baby’s job is actually just to be good company. They want a hot woman around to build up their spirits. They want someone to tell them they are wanted. They want someone around to hug them and cuddle them and spend time with them. They are willing to pay you so that you can give them the emotional love they need.

A sugar baby is often someone who is in college and needs help paying off student loans. They might even want someone with a bit more clout behind them to push them forward in life. It’s not majority hot girls who don’t want to work. It’s girls who are looking for a better way of life.

What Is A Prostitute?

A prostitute is someone who has sex or performs sexual acts for money. There is no exclusivity and there is no girlfriend experience. They will do what you want for a set price. This is their profession and a business transaction. This one is quantity over quality, they will be with anyone who pays them. Due to the high number of clients, you run the risk of catching a disease from them. There is nothing worse than getting catching an STD.

When it comes to men and prostitutes, they are expecting to only have them hang out for an hour or so. they are expecting them to perform certain tasks for them in exchange for money. There is no emotions involved. Prostitutes consider it to be a business transaction and once it is done, they move on the next.

Why Should You Choose A Sugar Baby?

You should choose a sugar baby because they will be a girlfriend for hire. They won’t be with anyone but you. Yes, you are offering them some form of compensation, but they are also offering you their affection and loyalty. They will support you and in the end, you might even find someone you can call a girlfriend over time.

Prostitutes will never love you and they will never be faithful. Life isn’t like the movie Pretty Woman, where in the end they are meant for each other. The only thing that will happen, is you two will have a good time for a few hours, you will pay her, then leave.

Legal Actions

To put it in simple terms. Prostitution is illegal. Being a sugar baby is completely legal. You can’t get arrested or get a criminal record for hooking up with your sugar baby. So, why not go the safer and smarter route?

Other People’s Opinions

A lot of other people will judge you. Some people will praise you for it. Others will tell you that buying a girlfriend is just as bad as buying a hooker. You might be able to shrug it off, you might not. The main thing is that you like what you are doing. As long as it’s making you happy and you feel good about it, then there is nothing wrong with it. Other people will all eventually get used to it. People judge what they don’t understand. Just give them time and they will understand it. You are happy and that is all that matters.

Knowing the facts, you can still choose which you would prefer to have, but we suggest going the route of having a sugar baby. They are girlfriends that you spoil. You can even ask them for a drug test before you get involved with them. You can’t overly do that with a prostitute.

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